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08 February 2012 @ 07:35 am
The Deal [Chapter 1]  

Title: The Deal
Pairing: Main!Kyusung Side!Yehmin
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters and the story is inspired by a manga.
Beta: ohmygeng
Summary: Will there be happiness in a marriage without love?

Chapter 1

   At that time…I didn’t even know what the name of that flower was. I wanted to get closer but…that flower…seemed like it didn’t want me to get any closer. I’ve always wanted to pick that flower. Every day, it’s the same thought over and over again…


   Elegant, with a scent that is nicer than flower’s. I want warm and tender rice…oooh…my lovely rice.

   The loud crowning of the chicken, competing with the loud cries of his brothers, was what awakened Yesung from his sweet dreams about rice.

   “Waaaaaaah!!!” his 9-month-old baby brother Ryeowook wailed.

   “Yesung-hyung! I’m so hungry!” his 4-year-old brother Kibum said, also crying while tugging at his clothes to wake him up.

   “Hyung! Wookie wet his diaper,” the 5-year-old Eunhyuk yelled frantically at him, clutching Ryeowook tighter, rocking him side to side in his pitiful effort to stop Ryeowook from wailing at the top of his lungs.

   Yesung sighed dejectedly. This is my battlefield, he thought wearily as he started to get up and prepared himself for another day of hard work.


   “I’m hungry…I’m so hungry!” Kibum yelled and cried, pulling his brother Yesung’s clothes to get his attention, as if his cries were not enough.

   “Don’t pull (on) my clothes, Kibum,” Yesung said, while rocking Ryewook at the same time, who appeared to have no intention of stopping from crying. “Just eat one of Nana’s eggs,” Yesung said, indicating their chicken.

   “But Nana doesn’t look like she’s going to lay any today,” Eunhyuk said, rubbing the chicken’s stomach.

   “Eunhyuk! If you get close to Nana like that, you’ll get-” Yesung didn’t even managed to finish what he was about to say when Nana the chicken pecked Eunhyuk’s cheek with her sharp beak.

   Eunhyuk started crying immediately. “That hurts!” he wailed, clutching Yesung who immediately hugged and comforted him.

   “It’s okay,” Yesung said, trying to soothe his younger brother.

   “It’s early in the morning so keep the noise down!” someone shouted immediately after the door (had) slammed open. There, standing at the threshold was a fuming and very furious landlady. Yesung’s brothers stopped crying immediately, even Ryeowook, surprisingly.

   “You can’t go around doing whatever the hell you want! I even got complaints from the neighbours!” the landlady yelled.

   “Ahjumma…I’m sorry,” Yesung apologized. His brother Eunhyuk just looked at the landlady with tears in his eyes while Kibum just glared at her, not liking the way she yelled at his brother.

   “Also, you haven’t paid your rent for about half a year now! So I’m here to collect it!” the landlady continued ranting.

   “But as you can see, hyung hasn’t returned yet,” Yesung said, getting flustered and worried.

   “Move it!” Somebody shouted before the landlady could make her retort. A tall, big, and tough-looking guy appeared. The landlady backed away in fright.

  “I’m here to collect your debt, got it?” the debt collector said.

   “That’s why my hyung who’s borrowing money-” Yesung started saying, getting weary of at the early drama but the man stopped him by flashing a piece of paper.

   “This is not just about your stupid brother,” the debt collector said, wagging the piece of paper in front of Yesung. “Kim Yesung, you should be paying as well!” he demanded.

   Yesung reared in shock after reading what’s written on the paper. It was stated there that the one million won was borrowed by him.

   “But-but I don’t know anything about that,” Yesung said, feeling weak from shock.

   “The two of you together equals to two million won, so pay it already,” the debt collector said, not paying any attention to Yesung at all.

   “Two million won is too much for us,” Yesung tried protesting again.

   The man suddenly gripped his jaw, drawing him closer. “If you don’t have any money, then you should pay with your body.  Now that I’ve gotten a closer look, you’ve got a good body,” the debt collector said, looking lustfully at Yesung’s body.

   “OUCH!!!” the man suddenly yelled, feeling pain at his arm. He looked down and saw that Yesung’s brother Kibum had bit him. “That hurts,” the man said, trying to bat Kibum away but he held on tightly.

   “Don’t you try to force Yesung-hyung into doing weird things,” Kibum yelled.

   “Don’t force him,” Eunhyuk cried, clutching at the man’s clothes, trying to shake him.

   “You guys,” Yesung said, grateful for his brothers’ help, but he was afraid they will get hurt so he quickly unlatched Kibum and Eunhyuk from the man. “I’m sorry but we don’t have any money today,” he apologized, clutching his brothers tightly to his chest.

   The man looked at his throbbing arm before walking away angrily. “Geez! You have until tomorrow, I won’t wait any longer than that,” he yelled before completely going away.

   Yesung sighed in relief.

   “You there, do you really have no money?” the landlady suddenly said, surprising Yesung and his brothers who had completely forgotten her presence.

   “Umm…yes, we don’t have any at the moment,” Yesung said.

   The landlady’s face hardened. “Well, I’m sorry to say this but I guess you have to move out from here then.”

   “Ahjumma <3”

   “Heechul-hyung!” Yesung shouted, surprised by his brother’s sudden appearance behind the landlady.

   The landlady’s heart started thumping furiously, looking at the beautiful face of Heechul. “If I say that you’re cute, will you deduct half of the rental fee,” Heechul said, flashing his breath-taking smile.

   “U-using sweet talk huh…you-you think that would wo-work on me?” the landlady stuttered, blushing furiously.

   Heechul smirked triumphantly. “For the rent, can you give us a bit more time?” he said, winking at the landlady. By the utterly dazed look on the landlady’s face, Heechul knew his charm was working.

   “Just for a little while longer,” the landlady said, walking her way out, still in a daze.

   “I love you, Ahjumma!” Heechul waved at the older woman’s retreating figure.

   “Hyung!” Yesung immediately said when Heechul entered their house again.

   “What’s up, my lovely little dongsaeng?” Heechul asked, oblivious of Yesung’s furious state.

   Yesung raised his eyebrow. “So you’re using my name in order to borrow money huh?” he said, glaring at his brother who had the grace to look flustered. “I can’t believe it, you’re using my name for-” Yesung shouted but stopped when Heechul’s hands caressed his cheeks gently.

   “Yesung-ah, my little brother, and even to those who have no blood relation to us,” Heechul said, indicating their other brothers while looking at him earnestly. “I was hoping these brothers would bring you some happiness so you wouldn’t be lonely all the time. And actually I was thinking that I could get some money to get everyone something special.”

   “Something special?” Yesung asked excitedly.

   “Yeah…but that dream passed through my mind momentarily,” Heechul said nonchalantly.

   “Huh?” Yesung asked.

   “It was entirely that other guy’s fault, he must have been cheating! And now all the money is gone,” Heechul said, stomping his feet and sulking like a kid.

   Yesung’s face went dark. “You…You stupid brother! You know you suck at gambling,” Yesung wailed, shaking his brother.

   “Calm down,” Heechul tried placating his brother but Yesung wouldn’t stop. A loud wail was what stopped Yesung. Yesung stared uncomprehendingly at the lump, hidden by a pile of clothes he didn’t notice his brother (had) put down at the door upon his arrival.

   “Hyung, don’t tell me,” Yesung said, realizing what was making that horrible sound.

   Heechul grinned exultantly. He sorted through the lump of clothes and brought out what’s inside…a bouncing baby boy. “I picked him up at the temple. It’s a boy,” Heechul said, as if Yesung couldn’t tell.

   “Wow! He’s cute!” Eunhyuk said, as he and Kibum immediately inspected the new addition to their family.

   “Yeah! He’s cute. Let’s name him Henry,” Heechul announced.

   Yesung was fuming. “Why? You should’ve made some money instead of picking up some babies!” Yesung said. It’s not that he didn’t want the baby, it’s just that there were already too many of them yet they don’t have the money to support them. The only one working in their family was his brother Heechul, but he’s a big failure, so most of the time he didn’t managed to bring home any cent at all.

   “Don’t worry, when I start my own business, they’ll be the ones to help us. I’m excited! We’ll call it ‘The Gold Bearing Tree’,” Heechul said, winking at him. What kind of business was ‘The Gold Bearing Tree’, nobody knows.

   “I’m afraid that before that happens, we’ll all starve to death first,” Yesung said, clutching his own grumbling stomach.

   Heechul clucked his tongue. “You sure are a pessimist. No one would marry you with that kind of attitude.”

   “Well, if I ever meet a rich person, I’ll just marry into his rank. I’ll leave you behind, hyung,” Yesung said, scoffing.

   “You’re a cold-hearted guy,” Heechul said, pretending to wipe tears from his eyes, making Yesung feel irritated.

   Sometimes, this brother of mine can be a drama queen, Yesung thought.

   “I’ll be fine as long as I have Donghae with me,” Heechul dramatically said. “Donghae! It’ll bring me great happiness if you could marry into a higher rank,” he said, reaching for their still sleeping 5-year-old brother, Donghae.

   Heechul was shocked when he put his hand on Donghae’s forehead and found the latter burning with a fever. “Donghae has a really high fever,” Heechul announced.

   “WHAT?” Yesung instantly panicked. He immediately went to Donghae’s side and clutched his hand. He could feel Donghae burning up just by holding his hand.

   “You should bring him to the hospital,” Heechul said to Yesung.

   “But we don’t have any money,” Yesung said. He felt like he wanted to cry by the helplessness of their situation, but he couldn’t. He had to be strong for his younger brothers.

   Heechul put on his coat, “If it’s for money then I’ll do anything. I’m going out to get some,” Heechul said before leaving.

   “See ya,” Eunhyuk said.

   “Have a safe trip.” Kibum waved at his brother.

   Yesung wrapped Donghae with a blanket before lifting him up and cradling him to his chest. “Okay, let’s go to the clinic now,” Yesung said.

   “I’m coming too,” Kibum said, lifting Ryeowook up while Eunhyuk took Henry. “Me too,” Eunhyuk said.

   Yesung smiled at his little brothers; even though they’re poor, they always helped each other…that’s why Yesung never felt alone.

   These children are not of my blood, they’re just brought here by Heechul-hyung but…we’ve become more and more like a family.


     They had no money so they walked their way to the clinic which was approximately 2 km away from their home. If they walked, it would take them almost 30 minutes to get there. Halfway along the journey, Kibum started complaining. 

   “I’m starving,” Kibum said, rubbing his stomach.

   “Hang in there,” Yesung said, trying to encourage his brother.

   Kibum’s eyes lit up when he saw Heechul with a woman at his side. “Oh! Heech-” Kibum planned on calling his brother but Yesung covered his mouth.

   “Don’t. Hyung is working right now,” Yesung simply said.

   Yesung looked at his brother. Heechul-hyung’s job is to see rich older woman. He always says that dating women you don’t even love is a big problem, but it always seems as if he’s not just playing around with them, Yesung thought as he watched Heechul put his arms around the woman’s waist before entering the house. What’s more, he always throws all the money he earns away by gambling, he sighed exasperatedly.


   Finally, after walking for 30 minutes, they reached the town proper. By that time, he and his brothers were so tired, sweat drenched their body and their breaths fell short. Fortunately, a few more steps and they reached the clinic.

   “I’m sorry, but the doctor’s out,” the nurse said as soon as they had entered.

   Yesung’s heart sank, but he didn’t lose hope yet; there’s still the private doctor named Dr. Park in their town. They immediately set off to go to his house.

   “I’m sorry but the doctor is out,” the housekeeper said.

   Hope and energy were fast draining out of Yesung. Their last hope was Dr. Lee, if he’s also out, he didn’t know what to do anymore.

   Dr. Lee’s housekeeper lost the welcoming look on her face as soon as she saw them. “You won’t have any money to pay for the fee, right?” the housekeeper directly asked. She knew the Kim brothers and she also knew they had no money.

   “That’s-” Yesung started to say but the housekeeper cut him off.

   “You know, we’re not running a charity business here,” the housekeeper vehemently said.

   “I promise, I’ll pay the fee as soon as I get some money,” Yesung promised. His head shot up when he saw Dr. Lee approaching them. “Doctor! Please examine Donghae,” Yesung pleaded.

   Yesung was dumbfounded when Dr. Lee just walked past them as if they weren’t there. “Please bring him elsewhere to be examined,” the doctor said.

   Despite what the doctor had said, Yesung still ran after the doctor and pleaded some more. “Doctor, please! Please help my brother. I’m begging you!”

   The doctor just looked at him coldly. “That child isn’t your brother now, is he? If one of them is gone, wouldn’t your life be a lot easier to live?”

   Yesung was shocked beyond belief. He couldn’t believe that he would hear those kind of words from a doctor when it’s their job to save lives. His exhaustion, worries and fears turned into anger.

   “You…you quack! I don’t need your help!” Yesung shouted furiously.

   “Wha-” the doctor was about to retort when he noticed everyone in the streets had stopped and were looking at them. He just pulled his hat lower and walked away fast from that place. The people around stared and raised their eyebrows at Yesung and his brothers.

   “That boy sounds very rude, doesn’t he?”

   “Yeah. He’s the one living in the outskirts of the city right? In that worn out house.”

   “They say he owes a lot of money.”

   “Yeah, and I heard he’s causing the neighbours trouble too.”

   Whispers followed Yesung and his brothers as they walked away from that place. He had no specific destination, all he thought about was he needed to go away from that place.

   “Are you saying that poor people should die?” Yesung said to himself. His eyes were burning from the tears he was withholding. Never did he feel ashamed of their status in life, but that moment, hearing the doctor’s words, being under the scrutiny of the people made him feel so helpless…so pitiful he felt like his insides were being torn apart from the pain. “I’m not happy living this poorly, you know,” Yesung said, blinking rapidly to stop the tears from falling.

   At his peripheral, he saw Kibum bending over and picking food on the ground. “Kibum!” he called out.

   Kibum turned and beamed at him, holding the dirty food in his hand. “Here’s some grilled chicken,” he said, feeling proud and happy, smiling expectantly at his brother.

   “I told you not to pick up food that has already been on the ground,” Yesung said, slapping the food out of his brother’s hand. “You’ll get sick again.”

   Yesung took Kibum’s hand and dragged him away, “Let’s go.”

   Kibum started sniffing, weakly at first until it became a full out wailing. “Waaaaah! I’m starving,” Kibum said.

   “I know. I haven’t eaten anything for three days either,” Yesung said sternly. He needed to be strong, not for him, but for his brother. He became worried when Donghae started to cough and his temperature rose.

   “Donghae … Donghae!” Yesung started to panic. Donghae’s coughs weren’t fading and he appeared to be having difficulty in breathing.

   “Donghae, please hang in there,” Yesung said, rubbing Donghae’s back. Kibum stopped crying and he and Eunhyuk looked worriedly at their brother. Yesung looked around, people were stopping here and there to look at them, as if they were an entertaining spectacle. They avoided Yesung’s gaze when he tried to look at them, and continued their business.

   “Someone please…please help my brother,” Yesung cried out. This time, he couldn’t help the tears that were trickling down his face, helplessness and pity rolling all over him. He couldn’t hold back the sob that rose out of him when the people that had been looking at them a while ago tried their hardest to avoid them now, as if they were carrying a deadly disease.

   Yesung sniffed, trying to stop the flow of tears but he couldn’t. “I’ll do anything! Anything… just please give me some money…just please help my brother,” Yesung cried out, throwing all his dignity aside and shamelessly pleaded. The most important thing for him were the lives of his brothers…nothing else.

   Even after seeing their pitiful situation and hearing Yesung’s pleas for help, the people still ignored them, passing them as if they weren’t there. Yesung bit his lip to prevent himself from crying out loud, but traitorous tears still continued to fill his eyes and he couldn’t bat them away.

   “Yesung-hyung…are you crying?” Kibum said, sniffing loudly, tears also filling his eyes. Even Eunhyuk was crying silently, his brother Eunhyuk who always kept on being strong and acting mature for his age for the family, was there crying silently, not wanting to add on to the burden of his brother.

   Yesung shook his head. “Hyung is not crying, don’t worry,” he said. Yet despite that, he could feel the tears starting to trickle out of him. Upon the sight of his tears, Kibum started crying.

   Oh no! I can’t cry in front of the children. If I cry, then they’ll be sad. That’s why I decided that there was no way I’d ever cry again. Yesung tried to compose himself, and hold back the tears; just enough to reassure his brothers, but it just wasn’t possible. The strong façade he was wearing all these years suddenly vanished, leaving him weak and vulnerable. The pain, hopelessness, pity and worry were just too much for him, his body was looking for an outlet, and the only outlet it found was crying. He just bowed his head and clutched Donghae tighter and he and his brothers just cried there in the middle of the street, amidst the many people who were completely ignoring them.

   “Oh my…can you stand?”

   Yesung saw a pair of shoes stopping in front of him. He slowly looked up to see the gentlest eyes he had ever seen. The man was beautiful, black hair matched with black, passionate eyes made him breath-taking, truly a sight to behold. He had on a sleek, black suit that complemented his great body. The ensemble finished with his shiny black shoes. From the suit and the shoes, to the air of refinement around him, everything about the man screamed money. He knew this guy was rich, but why would he care about them was beyond his guess.

   Yesung stared uncomprehendingly at the outstretched hand in front of him. The stranger smiled, and without waiting for Yesung to take his hand, he grabbed his arm and pulled him up. Once he was upright, the man brushed off the dust that clung onto Yesung’s clothes when he had slumped in the middle of the street. Yesung blushed at the feeling of the beautiful stranger’s hand on his body. He knew he was attracted to the guy, but who wouldn’t when the guy in front of him was his definition of perfection.

   “Uh…erm…I’m okay now, thanks,” Yesung said, still blushing.

   “Are you sure?” the stranger asked.

   Lost for words, he just nodded.

   “Here,” the stranger said, placing a handkerchief on his palm. “You must not cry again,” he said, squeezing Yesung’s hands, “Because a smile will always bring happiness to you and to the people around you, okay?”

   “See you,” and with one last smile at him, the stranger walked away. Yesung was left looking at his back, clutching the handkerchief tight in his hand.

   “Yesung-hyung, what did he give you?” Eunhyuk asked curiously.

   “It’s a beautiful handkerchief,” Yesung answered, looking at it. He gasped in shock when he saw money tucked inside. He immediately looked up to thank the guy but the stranger was nowhere to be seen.

   He’s gone, Yesung just thanked the guy in his mind and hoped…hoped that someday they’ll meet again so he can thank him personally.


   “Hey! Sorry to keep you waiting,” the stranger said to his childhood friend.

   His friend smirked. “I’m surprised, I didn’t know that you liked that kind of guy,” he said, having seen everything that had happened.

   The stranger smiled. “Not really. I was just trying to help because he seemed like he was in trouble, that’s all.”

   “Whatever…let’s go,” his friend said, walking away. The stranger looked back in the direction of the guy he (had) helped before following his friend.


   “It’s great we managed to buy some medicine. Donghae-hyung seems to be recovering from the fever,” Kibum said after placing his hand on Donghae’s forehead and discovering that the latter’s temperature was cooling down.

   Kibum looked up when he heard no response from Yesung. He saw his brother holding the handkerchief he had gotten from the stranger who helped them earlier and looking at it intensely.

   Yesung sighed, remembering the perfect guy he (had) met earlier, “So amazingly nice and handsome guys do exist in this world after all.”

   Kibum laughed at the look of pure adoration on his brother’s face. “You’re blushing, hyung,” he said, teasing his brother.

   Yesung’s face heat up in embarrassment. “Don’t say something so silly! Hurry up and go to sleep!” Yesung said, forcing Kibum onto his bed, throwing the blanket over his head.

   After he saw Kibum’s breathing evening out, he got the handkerchief again and clutched it close to his chest. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to see him again. It’d be nice if I could tell him how thankful I am. That was Yesung’s last thought before exhaustion caught up and lulled him to sleep.


   Yesung woke up in the middle of the night from the racket their chicken was making and loud curses from the room. “You there! Just shut up already!”

   Yesung opened his eyes and saw his older brother Heechul putting some of his clothes into his bag. “Hyung! What are you doing?” he asked, great surprise evident in his voice.

   “Ack!” Heechul exclaimed, scared that he was caught but started to explain nonetheless. “I’m running away.”

   “Huh?” Yesung asked, surprised.

   “If I get any closer to the woman of the man we owe money to, then it’ll be really bad news!” Heechul hurriedly said, putting the last of his clothes into his bag.

   “WHAAAAAT???” Yesung exclaimed.

   “Anyway, I gotta disappear,” Heechul said before jumping out of the window before proceeding to run, vanishing from Yesung’s sight in a matter of seconds.

   “Wai-” Yesung started to say when somebody opened their front door. Dread filled his insides when he saw the debt collector from this morning in his doorway.

   “Damn Heechul. Where’s your stupid brother?” the big guy yelled.

   “He just went out the window,” Yesung informed him, hoping the guy will go as soon as he knew that Heechul wasn’t there.

   “Damm it! He got away again,” he cursed, his loud voice effectively waking up all of Yesung’s brothers from their sleep. The babies Ryeowook and Henry started to cry.

   “What did my hyung-” Yesung started to ask but was cut off by the glare the big guy sent him.

   “He was trying to seize my woman,” the guy said furiously.

   Yesung’s heart sank, confirming their worst situation.

   “I can’t take it any longer! I’m going to sell them all to another country,” the guy said, grabbing all his younger siblings. Ryeowook and Henry cried, while Donghae and Kibum just looked at him stricken, Eunhyuk had just woken up and still didn’t realize the severity of their situation.

   Yesung was consumed with fear and dread, but he still approached the big guy. “Please don’t!”

   “Shut up!” the big guy said, kicking Yesung in his stomach that sent him sprawling to the floor. Air was knocked out of Yesung and he had difficulty standing up. “If you want to blame someone, blame your stupid brother,” the guy said, walking out of the door.

   Yesung’s body was quivering in pain, but the sounds of his brothers’ cries and calling out his name made him stand up. He went over to their drawer to get the remaining money from what the stranger had given them.

   “I’ll pay you the money now. Right now, this is all I’ve got left,” Yesung handed the money to the big guy but he just ignored him. He followed him outside.

   “You think I’ll forgive you with just money?” the big guy asked, having a bit of difficulty with the squirming kids in his arms.

   “But I’ll pay you the rest tomorrow,” Yesung desperately said.

   The big guy sneered, “Do you really think you can pay me the two million won by yourself?

   Yesung knew the guy was right, there’s no way he could earn that much money overnight. He could only think of one thing to do, the one thing he promised he would never do. He didn’t want to lower himself that much but he had no choice. He was ready to do anything just for his brothers.

   “I will sell myself. So please let the children go,” Yesung said firmly.

   “Shut up already!” the door of their landlady opened and she stepped out. “Why are you so noisy this late at night?”

   “Ahjumma! Take care of the children for me please!” Yesung said before running away.

   “What?” the landlady exclaimed but to no avail, Yesung was already too far to hear her.


   Yesung ran and ran to the place he would rather not visit, but the memory of his brother’s smiles and his love for them made him continue running even though every fibre of his body was screaming at disgust at the mere thought of that place.

   I will do anything in order to protect the kids!

   A few more minutes, Yesung reached his destination: the infamous Red Light District…where people gathered to sell and find some fun for the night. Yesung gulped upon the sight of the place, crowded with people wearing fashionable and provocative clothing. He looked down at himself and his nasty and worn out pyjamas he forgot he was still wearing. In his rush, he didn’t manage to change clothes, much less comb his hair he was sure were sticking out all over the place. He sighed in defeat, but since he was already there, he couldn’t back out anymore, the fates of his brothers’ life in his hands.

   He brought out the handkerchief the stranger had given him. “The beautiful stranger’s hanky…even though I’m selling myself, my heart will always belong to you. Please forgive me.”

   “How much are you?”

   Yesung felt a chill run down his spine when someone suddenly whispered lewdly into his ears from behind. “You look young. How old are you?” the person behind asked.

   Yesung’s instinct took over and he ran away, but the thought of his brothers made him stop and dash back again to the man who look at him amusedly.

   “Two million won! Two million won is my price,” Yesung said, staring straight at the man.

   “You’re saying the wrong amount, right?” the man asked, looking at him incredulously.

   “Nope! It’ll be two million won. And don’t even think of paying less…not even a single cent!” Yesung said firmly.

   The other people there looked at Yesung incredulously. “What’s wrong with that guy?”

   “Oh dear, looks like someone’s not sure about how things work in this place,” someone muttered amusedly.

   “There’s a limit for making fun of others like that!” the man said, walking away.

   “I’m not making fun of you! I need that two million won by tomorrow no matter what!!” Yesung said, hoping the man would come back.  His shoulders sagged in disappointment when he could no longer see the man.

   “I’ll pay for it then,” someone said from behind him.

   “Really?” Yesung asked as the man grabbed his shoulder and drew him near.

   “That’s right, I will,” the older man said. Yesung had the strong desire to cover his nose upon smelling the breath of the older man, it stinks with alcohol. Now that he looked at the man closely, it seemed that he was drunk…very drunk.

   “So how old are you?” the older man asked.

   “Fif-fifteen,” Yesung answered, getting nervous.

   “Well then, let’s go in,” the man said, putting his arm around Yesung’s shoulder, guiding him to the entrance of the motel.

   “Wait!” Yesung said, stopping in his tracks thus also halting the old man. “I want you to pay me the money first!”

   “I don’t have that much money with me now. But I will be paying you after this okay?” the man said, gripping his shoulder tight and now putting a bit more effort into dragging Yesung.

   Yesung wasn’t that stupid to go in there with the older man, he was sure the man would not give him any cent so he pushed the guy. “If that’s the case, then I don’t want to go in there.”

   “Wha-” the older man was surprised by his sudden action. “Watch your words!” he raised his hand in irritation, aiming to teach Yesung a lesson.

   He’s going to hit me! Yesung thought. He knew he couldn’t overpower the man, so he just closed his eyes and wait for it to hit him.

   “Stop it.” A strong hand enveloped the older man’s hand, effectively halting his movements. “O-ouch!” the older man exclaimed when the newcomer suddenly twisted his hand.

   The newcomer scoffed, “How unsightly.”

   Yesung finally opened his eyes and looked at the man who had saved him. In the same way the beautiful stranger took his breath away, the newcomer also did that to him. He was beautiful, like a portrait of perfection, and based on his clothes and his posture, he was also rich. Now Yesung was torn between deciding who’s the most beautiful between the beautiful stranger and the man in front of him. The only difference was the man in front of him didn’t have the natural gentleness the beautiful stranger possessed. This man gave off a dark aura, looked very aggressive and very cold. His eyes were like a bottomless pit, something you wouldn’t want to fall into…all in all, this man scared Yesung. Despite his blinding beauty, this guy was definitely not someone Yesung would want, much less be in his company.

   “Ow-ow-ow! That hurts!” the older man’s cry of pain woke Yesung up from his silent assessment of the newcomer. He winced when he looked at the awkward angle the older man’s hand was bent into.

   “Please stop it,” Yesung said.

   The newcomer let go of the man’s hand and looked at Yesung, raising his eyebrows and inspecting him silently. He looks so young yet he’s at a place like this. Hmmm…he’s not my type but with my plan…he would do.

   “That guy said he’s worth two million won,” the newcomer heard some girls whispering from behind his back.

   “That’s just silly,” another girl answered and she and her friend set off into quiet fits of giggles.

   The newcomer smirked, Perfect! He brought out a large wad of cash from the inner pocket of his suit and looked directly at Yesung. “I’ll buy you then,” he announced.

   Yesung just looked at him in shock.


<--(Plot & Character Info.) * Chapter 2-->

A/N: Oooh...yeah,,this is my new chaptered Kyusung fanfic :D I don't know if you still remember the plot and character info. I posted months ago about this story xDD!! Just look at it again if you want to be reminded what this story is all about :D

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it's well-developed story, not too rush but not slow either. love this, Den ^^

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