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02 March 2012 @ 07:38 pm
Aiming for the Perfect Date! [Part 1]  

Title: Aiming for the Perfect Date! (1/3)
Pairing: Kyusung
Genre: Romance, Drama, Fluff, Humor
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Inspired by a manga.
Length: Three-shots
Note: A mini-sequel to Let The Love Begin
Beta: ohmygeng
Summary: Yesung is taking charge. What will happen?

Part 1

  “Umm…I became…Kyuhyun’s…his…boy…boyfriend,” Yesung fumbled and fought hard with his embarrassment just to be coherent and relayed to his brother, Sungmin, the good news.

  Sungmin’s jaw comically fell open; the phone in his hand fell onto the bed where he was lying on. If Yesung wasn’t too feeling so embarrassed, he would laugh at the sight.

  Then, just all of a sudden, a very loud scream was heard at the Kim’s household.

  “SUNGMIN! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT TIME IS IT? YOU’LL DISTURB THE NEIGHBORS!” their mother bellowed, barging inside the room without even knocking.

  “Mom! I’m just happy! Listen to this-” Sungmin exclaimed, flailing his arms, looking like an excited kid.

  Yesung, who was looking freaked out by Sungmin’s sudden scream, started with a jolt at his brother’s words. “WAIT! You can’t!” he shouted, running to push his startled mother out of the room. He knew Sungmin was unstoppable so it’s a much better decision to get his mother out of the room than making Sungmin stop…Plus, it’s also much easier.

  Yesung’s mother put up a fight but still, he won in the end. A panting Yesung leaned against the door, having just shut it on his mother’s furious face. Yesung hoped she would get the idea and leave.

  “Geez! You didn’t have to be so surprised and screamed like that!” Yesung chided Sungmin who just looked innocently at him.

  “Of course I have to! Even though you’ve entered high school, you’re still the same as ever…still not interested in finding a boyfriend. I was beginning to wonder if you would ever get one. Since I’m your brother, of course I’d be worried!” Sungmin stated.

  Despite being irritated at his close call with his mother, and his ears still throbbing from Sungmin’s scream, Yesung was touched to know that his brother, in his own way, was concerned about his love life.

  “But I am really happy…because you’ve finally found your happiness,” Sungmin said, smiling brilliantly at Yesung.

  Remembering how broken Sungmin had looked on the day Kyuhyun had ‘sort-of’ dumped him…and the way his brother was now looking very happy for him…it really warmed Yesung’s heart…and made him realize how much Sungmin cared for him. Sungmin was the carefree, happy-go-lucky type, and he’s also impulsive and stubborn. Yesung thought that Sungmin didn’t know how to pay attention or even give a care about what’s happening at his surroundings. Then, over these past few days, with all the help Sungmin had given him, he realized he was quite wrong about his brother. Sungmin was a not a shallow guy after all…he cares…deeply.

  Sungmin stood up from his perch on the bed and approached his brother. He raised his hand, signalling he wanted a high-five. 

  “And of course…it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for me!” Sungmin boasted, winking at his clearly amused brother.

  Yesung laughed, conceding with what his brother wanted. He also raised his hand, and clapped hands with his brother.

  Sungmin intertwined their hands, having not finished with his brother just yet. “So…” Sungmin drawled. “What now? When are you going to have your first date? Where? I really want to know!”

  “We agreed to meet up next Sunday. Probably gonna go to the amusement park,” Yesung informed him.

  “AMUSEMENT PARK?!?” Sungmin shrieked, startling Yesung in the process. “The number one reason for break-ups is because the first date took place at the amusement park!” Sungmin announced.

  “Eh?” Yesung exclaimed in confusion.

  “There is no space to be together as a couple,” Sungmin continued, wagging his finger in front of Yesung’s face, looking very serious, as if he was currently lecturing his own brother on a life-and-death matter. “Long lines of waiting for rides and hordes of people everywhere, it’ll be just like HELL! If that happens…you’ll just be heading towards Splitsville!”

  Yesung suddenly envisioned a scene where Kyuhyun dumped him because he was bored because of their date at the amusement park. Yesung shook his head, trying to throw the image out of his mind, but like super glue, it was stuck there. He shivered in terror. “Please give me some advice,” Yesung begged his brother.

  Sungmin’s face contorted in utter concentration, thinking deeply about what he was going to say to his brother. “A date place that doesn’t require much talking is way better. Like say…”


  “A movie?” Kyuhyun asked, confused by the sudden change of plans.

  Yesung nodded. “Even though it would be the second time I’ve watched a movie with you, but there is a movie I really want to see,” he said, handing a movie flyer to Kyuhyun.

  Kyuhyun wanted to explode in outrage upon seeing the title of the movie and its poster. The movie was titled “The Life of Dogs”.

  “Why is it that all the movies you like to see are all about animals? I say no!” Kyuhyun cried out, throwing the flyer away.

  Yesung had no answer to that question. In the first place, he just wanted to draw them away from the amusement park. Though deep inside, he was really interested in that movie.

  Kyuhyun sighed and took out something from his pocket. “We’ll go here,” he said, handing a ticket to Yesung.

  Yesung wanted to pass out in terror when he saw that it was a ticket to an amusement park.

  Number 1 reason for break-ups! It’s as if Yesung could still hear Sungmin’s voice and his ominous warning. He was panicking inside, trying to come up with a good excuse not to go to the amusement park but he couldn’t think of any.

  “Huh? What? Could it be that…you hate amusement parks?” Kyuhyun asked, seeing the pained look on Yesung’s face. He was afraid he had made the wrong decision in choosing the amusement park.

  “Huh? Of course not!” Yesung exclaimed, trying to smile at Kyuhyun but only to end up grimacing. “It just doesn’t seem like a place that you would like,” he reasoned.

  “Well yeah. Till now, I would have just taken someone to a motel and done the deed…” Kyuhyun said, looking nonchalant despite the outrageous words that came out his mouth.

  Yesung shot Kyuhyun a shifty look.

  “But…it’s different when it’s with you,” Kyuhyun went on, looking far away.

  “What…what’s different?” Yesung asked breathlessly.

  “Doing ‘that’ isn’t the reason I want to be with you…but it’s because I want to have an actual date,” Kyuhyun answered, scratching his head, and blushing a deep shade of red. “That’s why I wanted to try something normal,” he continued, looking directly at Yesung.

  Yesung was shocked…and touched at the same time. He prepared this while thinking of me? He thought, disbelief echoing in his mind. But that does the trick, Yesung decided to agree.

  “Kyuhyun…it’ll be the best if it’s sunny on Sunday,” Yesung stated, smiling a blinding smile at Kyuhyun, and receiving an equally bright smile in return.

  Such a wonderful surprise! I can’t reject it, Yesung thought, and at the same time…praying to all the Gods he knew to ensure the success of their date.


  The day before the date, Yesung made a lot of preparations. He especially prepared a packed lunch for the two of them. He also brought out the shirt Kyuhyun had bought him on their first date; he decided to wear that shirt, hoping that their date would have a different ending than the previous one.

  He made sure he looked awesome on that day, carefully styling his hair, even applying some make-up. And last but not least…he made sure to arrive early at their meeting place in front of the train station.

  I’m 30 minutes early…and I’m feeling more anxious as time passes, Yesung grumbled in his thoughts. He rummaged in his bag and took out a piece of paper, Okay, let’s do a pre-date check.

  He stared at the piece of paper where he wrote a sort of schedule for their date, complete with a timeline. 10:00 am- Meet up with Kyuhyun, 10:07- Ride the train, 11:04- Arrive at the amusement park, and so on and so forth. His eyes raked over the list until it landed on the very last part of the schedule. 7:50 pm- At the Ferris wheel, we should…and drew beneath it a figure of two people kissing.

  Yesung squealed in his thoughts. He couldn’t help but giggle out loud; people passing by turned and looked at him weirdly.

  “I said…” Kyuhyun said, suddenly appearing out of nowhere. He placed one of his hands beside Yesung’s head where he was leaning against a stone pillar, and the other one he used to snatch up the paper Yesung was holding. “At the meeting spot, don’t make such strange and suspicious actions or movements, it’s so hard to get your attention back to reality,” Kyuhyun said almost absentmindedly, focusing solely on the piece of paper he snatched from Yesung.

  “Woah! What is this? Such a detailed schedule,” Kyuhyun exclaimed in shock, eyebrows furrowing at what’s written on the paper.

  Yesung, who was very startled at Kyuhyun’s sudden appearance and was just staring wide-eyed at him, gasped out loud at Kyuhyun’s exclamation.

  “DON’T LOOK!” Yesung yelled, lunging at Kyuhyun and snatching back the paper. Yesung turned away from Kyuhyun, hiding his heated face from him. He wanted to punch himself from doing that stupid schedule and stupidly bringing it out in their meeting place. It didn’t occur to him that Kyuhyun could arrive anytime.

  “So you were this eager, huh,” Kyuhyun taunted, amused by Yesung’s antics.

  Yesung’s face, if possible, turned redder. “Sh-shut up,” he stuttered.

  Kyuhyun just laughed. He stopped short when he noticed what Yesung was wearing, “Oh? Yesung…your outfit…” he trailed off.

  Finally, he noticed, Yesung thought, turning to look again at Kyuhyun.

  “Aren’t you cold?” Kyuhyun asked, inspecting his clothes. The material of the shirt was thin as it was summer wear, and it’s almost winter now so the weather was starting to become chilly.

  This guy…seriously. Just when Yesung thought Kyuhyun would say something romantic or profound or touching, all he said was something stupid.

  Kyuhyun looked pointedly at his neck and Yesung got the hint immediately. “I don’t have any scarf that would match my outfit for today,” Yesung explained.

  “Isn’t this part of your plan?” Kyuhyun asked, smirking at Yesung.

  “Plan? What are you talking about?” Yesung queried, not understanding what Kyuhyun meant.

  Kyuhyun smiled. “Your plan to hold hands with me to keep you warm,” Kyuhyun stated, taking Yesung’s hand in on his, leading him to inside the station. “That’s why you didn’t put on a scarf, right? Not even bothering to put on gloves,” he scoffed, though the smirk in his voice could still be clearly heard.

  Yesung followed Kyuhyun silently, cursing Kyuhyun in his thoughts. Bastard, Yesung glared at Kyuhyun’s back. Am I the only one who’s nervous? It doesn’t help that my heart is beating like crazy.


  Geez! Who knew the train would be this packed; this is really something you can’t plan for, Yesung complained internally.

  He found himself being squished from all sides due to the sheer number of people on the train. There’s not even enough room to turn around and people jostled and swayed from side to side from the movements of the train, so the people surrounding Yesung sometimes squashed his feet, from trying to balance themselves.

  This is the reason why I hate a packed train. Yesung didn’t know if he could stand the pushing and crushing anymore when a long arm suddenly enveloped his shoulders, drawing him close to the owner. He found himself facing a well-toned chest, he looked upwards to see Kyuhyun’s face, with Kyuhyun wearing that ever familiar smirk.

 “You don’t have to be so tense, Yesung,” Kyuhyun said.

  “Umm…it-it’s o-okay,” Yesung stuttered. Being close to Kyuhyun set the pounding of his heart to drum crazily. What’s worse was the fact that he could also hear the pounding of Kyuhyun’s heart and it’s driving Yesung crazy.

  “Just stick close to me, I’ll make way for you,” Kyuhyun assured Yesung.

  It’s alright, there’s a feeling that today’s date will be a success, Yesung thought as he succumbed to temptation and finally leaned his head on Kyuhyun’s chest and enjoyed the feeling of Kyuhyun’s arms around him.


  “I’m sorry, but outside food cannot be brought into the park. It is strictly prohibited.”

  Yesung looked dejectedly at the food he had painstakingly prepared especially for their date.

  Yesung’s attempt of making their date a success has already brought them an early crisis.

A/N: Yeah…this is my gift to all those who love LtLB :D Honestly…writing this reminded me of something I forgot…I’ve only been focusing on the pressure writing gives me,,I totally forgot that writing is really fun.

I enjoyed myself writing this…I was just squealing, giggling and being totally crazy while writing this…but what’s more fun in writing is the people who appreciate your works no matter how crappy it is xDDD

Thank you…if not for those who continuously reads and comments, sending their encouragements and supports…maybe I already give up on writing…

This is all for you ♥

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SPOT for sujulovenl :D
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I got a spot!!! YAY! Yay for sequel too!

YeMin brothers so adorable! LOL at what Sungmin said... hahahahaha! didn't knew about that kind of theory XD

The Life of Dogs?? LOL! YeKyu must prefer watching The Life of Turtles~ *AHHHHHHH!!!! save me from my biasness!*
What Kyu said is really touching~ I can totally imagine Yesung melting~

Yesung's preparation FTW! other people must be staring at him for his weirdness... but his handsomeness and hotness *nods to myself* it's not fun that Kyuhyun didn't recognized the shirt... *BOO!*

I LOVE THE TRAIN STATION PART! Yesung didn't expected something like that to happen but there are still benefits... *ehem! PDA at public tranportation!*

Gosh I'm so biased....
writing is really fun~ there have been so many time in the past that I tried quitting writing fics but I can't... I just love it and my OTP so much~
and I love all of you here at LJ!
Thank you so much for this Ate Den~

did I spazz too much?

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SPOT for phoenix_soar Yeah,,,Im getting use to unused spot from you xDDD Im still waiting Arvy..once you're done with Uni come and read my stories ♥ I miss you T^T
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anyways... o.O
Sungmin screaming on th top of his lungs like a maniac knowing that the two are together at long last! *sigh* wonderful.. don;t wanna hear it though... my ear drums might burst.

sungmin, amusement paks are sweet too. the waiting makes it even more romantic you know? no proofs for that though, i'm an amateur when it comes to dates,. XD

it's almost winter and yesung wore something thin??! he wanted to be sick! I knew it! XD lol

yesung, you don't plan dates like some school trip. it ruins the element of surprise.! but oh well, with kyu along, surprise comes in big packages.

i shall wait for the next chapter like a love-sick puppy. hahaha.. no seriously, i will! have a nice day ate den! :)
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evilmind28: kyusungevilmind28 on March 2nd, 2012 01:47 pm (UTC)
Awwww..their first date? n it's totally funny,the way kyu think the pervert think that might yesung planned for the date. How can he think like that?i mean yesung is very innocent person....And the list of the scedule yesung made was a funny thing too.

My fav line “Doing ‘that’ isn’t the reason I want to be with you…but it’s because I want to have an actual date,” Kyuhyun answered, scratching his head, and blushing a deep shade of red. “That’s why I wanted to try something normal,”...Awww,kyu..u're so sweet n such a good boy friend.

The train scene was my fav,though still do the smirking thingy. Pervert kyu..imagining yesung leaned his head on kyu's chest was so romantic *envy*
Interesting chapter...Love it D
denden143denden143 on March 2nd, 2012 09:12 am (UTC)
SPOT for rednochan I miss you unnie T^T
redno chanrednochan on March 2nd, 2012 03:42 pm (UTC)
awwww~ u miss me? *hugs* ^^
sequel? ^0^ *excited*
yesungie, why u offer dogs movie? ofcrz kyu reject it, he shud offers alien movie XD
i always think about movies or restaurant or even beach for first date coz for me amusement park is a place to have fun along with ur friends not a place to doing lovey dovey so i'm not surprised sungmin gave that assumption :p
yesung is sooooooo nervous in his first date. i can understand that *pats yesungie shoulder*
the train incident, i knew it, kyu must be planned it all this time. being squished while ur BF secure in the arms is so evil master plan, kyu just wanna touch and grope without being noticed by oblivious sungie XDDD
don't sad sungie, there will be lots of fun ride that can save ur date. i bet kyu will take him to horror/haunted house in order to have yesung being clingy and hugging him like there's no tomorrow XD you, evil bastard! kekeke

now, we are really rarely in twitter huh? i really wonder why...
ruuusakruuusak on March 2nd, 2012 11:15 pm (UTC)
(dont you dare to give up on writing!)

its good to finaly read story when kyusung are already together other than tryintobetogetherbutcannotbeauseofsomethingstupid (its like plauge this days!)!

Keep on writing! ^^
2_onLy_Jaemin2_only_jaemin on March 3rd, 2012 01:04 am (UTC)
waaah! thank you! Yay i loove it so much! AAAAND its nooot angst! :D i think.... yay.
veronica1975veronica1975 on March 3rd, 2012 01:54 pm (UTC)
Great sequeal, so natural, fresh and light, not complications or angs, i like this, is like the light of the sun in a winter day. Thanks dear, i hope that you don´t give up with write, remember that you need write the things sthat you enjoy, just you, don´t think in the others.
elftraveler on May 9th, 2012 01:59 am (UTC)
Awww please keep writing T___T. It's really good I really love it. It seems to be a hilarious fic and I have a special love for hilarious stuffs. I haven't read the main fic yet... but I will. It must be so good that people are asking for a sequel XDDDDD